Can I rent a party bus or limo for 1/2/3 hours?

All of our vehicles require a 3.5 – 6 hour minimum rental depending on the day of the week and type of service with the exception of airport drop-off/pick-up. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How much do I have to put down to book a vehicle?

A 50% deposit is required for all reservations. This Deposit is Non-Refundable

When do I have to pay the rest?

We can take a credit card over the phone up to three business days before the reservation.
For the safety of our drivers, we do not accept cash on the day of the reservation.
We do not accept payment on the day of the event.

Can we rent just the vehicle and provide our own driver?

No, our insurance policy and MDOT regulation require that our drivers are initially, and randomly, drug and alcohol tested, trained, maintain excellent driving records including passenger endorsements and possess several years’ experience.

Can we smoke on the party bus/limo?

All of our vehicles are non-smoking in order to keep the vehicles smelling and looking as new as possible. Our chauffeur is happy to stop for smoke breaks at your convenience. There is a $250 non-refundable cleaning fee if someone lights up in the vehicle. If smoking continues, we reserve the right to terminate the trip without refund immediately. Thanks for understanding our need to keep our fleet smoke-free.

Can we vape on the party bus/limo?

We follow the same rules for the use of vaporizers as we do for smoking; the use of vaporizers is prohibited in the vehicle. Our chauffeur is happy to stop for vape breaks at your convenience.

Do your buses have bathrooms?

None of our buses have bathrooms, but we’re certainly willing to make a rest stop for you.

How much does it cost for extra stops?

You get unlimited stops at no charge if you book for a specific time frame and are paying for the vehicle on an hourly rate, you have the use of the vehicle for the time frame you booked. Our chauffeur will take you wherever you like, stopping as often as you’d like.

What if we decide in the middle of the trip that we want to go longer?

Ask your chauffeur if you can do overtime. The rate for overtime in the vehicle you’ve reserved is in a binder that the chauffeur has access to and if we can, we will. There are occasions where extending your reservation is not possible:

The vehicle has another trip following yours

The chauffeur has another trip following yours

The chauffeur has run out of hours s/he can legally drive

Commercial Driver’s License holders can legally drive 10 hours on any given day. If your chauffeur has reached that limit, we will not be able to do overtime.

Do we have to tell you every stop we will be making in advance of the trip?

If you have booked a vehicle to a Detroit sporting event (Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, etc) and you intend to make additional stops on the way, let us know in advance to ensure timely arrival to the game.

If you would like to stop to pick up more people along the way, there probably won’t be a charge unless it is out of the way and would extend the time it takes to get to or from the game. We would need to know where you’d like to stop before-hand if it is for additional guest pick-ups/drop-offs.

Can we drink in the vehicle?

The consumption of alcoholic beverages in our vehicles is limited to guests who are over 21 years of age as permitted by Michigan State Law. Underage drinking is not permitted under any circumstances and will result in the trip being terminated immediately without refund.

Do you provide alcohol?

We do not have a liquor license, so we cannot provide alcohol. You are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages into our vehicles providing that anyone who partakes of them is 21 years of age or older.

Can we bring Jell-O and Pudding shots?

No, we do not allow Jell-O or Pudding shots or soaked gummy bears.

Can we bring a keg?

No, kegs are not allowed in all our vehicles.

How much do people usually tip?

Standard tips range is between $100-$200

Where can we travel to?

You can travel to anywhere in Michigan. Our operating authority allows for unlimited intrastate travel. We do not travel outside of Michigan.

What hidden fees are there?

We have no hidden fees. As long as the bus is in the same condition, and you don’t go over on your time, there will be no additional charges. We let you know about everything beforehand. Pick-up and drop-off locations outside of our 40-mile service radius may incur additional fuel charges, these would be included in your quote prior to booking.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel a reservation at any time. The Deposit is not refundable. Any cancellation less than 3 day prior will be responsible for the reaming balance of the reservation.

Can children come on the buses?

Yes they can! We are great for all types of children events. If there are passengers under 21 years of age aboard the vehicle, there cannot be any alcohol on board.

Do you have any buses with poles?

The only bus with a stability pole is the 30 passenger party bus – Spectacle Reef.

Are there seat belts in the vehicles? I have a child seat I'd like to secure.

We fall under similar rules to a school bus. Children of any age are not required to be in a car seat. The 12 passenger Excursion SUV Limo does have seat belts.

Why is the standard wedding service 3 ½ hours? What if I only need it for two hours?

Our minimum reservation for wedding service packages are a standard 3 ½ hours in length. We do not offer reservations for less than the standard 3 ½ hours.

What is your service area radius? What if I am outside of your service area radius for pick up or drop-off?

The standard pricing above is for locations within our 40-mile radius. If your pick-up or drop-off is outside of our radius, contact us for a custom quote. We will travel anywhere in Michigan. Areas outside of our radius incur an additional fuel surcharge depending on the distance.

What is typical for most wedding services?

The most common use of the 3 ½ hour standard wedding service is limousine/limo bus transportation for the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception with optional stops for pictures, interim partying. Additional services often include wedding guest shuttle services to transport your guests safely to the ceremony, reception, and hotel via limousine or party bus, or limousine service for the bride and groom at the end of the evening.

What comes in the vehicle?

Cups, Napkins or Stemwear are available upon request for no additional cost.

Are your vehicles insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

What does the chauffeur wear?

Our chauffeurs wear classic chauffeur attire. Black dress shoes, black slacks, white or black button up shirt, tie or bow tie, and black vest or sport jacket. Your chauffeur will be presentable and professional.

Can I play music from my phone?

Yes. All the vehicles have an auxiliary input (headphone jack) and Bluetooth. Keep your device within a moderate proximity to the stereo for optimum performance if using Bluetooth.

When should I book?

Now. We work on a first come, first serve basis. Saturdays fill up fast.

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