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Big Events to Celebrate in a Party Bus with Your Loved Ones

Events like Mardi Gras and New Years’ Eve are constantly coming around, and others like Halloween and Valentine’s Day are becoming more popular with movies and TV shows every year.

It seems like we never run out of excuses to plan a party! Some people think that partying is overrated, but it’s always better when someone else does the planning – right?

So if you’re looking for some great events with your friends (or even events without your friends) at the most dependable party bus services, check out Light House Party Bus Limo, and get ready to celebrate events in style!

A Party in Limo at Any Occasion

But what about those smaller events which aren’t necessarily recognized nationally but occur every year – events such as your best friend’s birthday or the anniversary of your first date?

Those are undoubtedly essential days to remember but just don’t have enough recognition to garner national attention. We know of parties big enough to fit everyone on board a party bus, so what are you waiting for?

Pick an event, any event, and let’s get the party started!

For events like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day, regional events that attract tourists from all over, party buses can be a great way to travel to different celebrations while still being able to enjoy the company of your friends.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is always a wild time – think New Orleans without having to leave your state. If you’re looking for a place where the party never stops, look no further than Bourbon Street. With drink specials all night and nonstop music, you’ll be in for a night you won’t forget. Just make you pace yourself; there’s a lot of drinking involved.

For the best events, you’ll want to check out Light House Party Bus Limo, which can provide transportation to events like Mardi Gras and events like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, events that may be becoming more popular because of recent movies or television shows.

Whichever event you’re trying to get to, we’ve got you covered. Maybe Super Bowl Sunday isn’t your thing; try out New Year’s Eve or another significant event instead.

St Patrick’ Day

Whether it’s in Louisiana for Mardi Gras or in Michigan for St Patrick’s day, remember no party bus would be complete without a good playlist! And if you need help coming up with the right tracks for this incredible party bus, check out our unique features and amenities inside every limo.

We have all the latest party music in our playlist, so you can always be sure the events you attend will include a little extra fire for your entertainment.

St Patrick Day - limo bus rental near me - Light House Party Bus Limo

If it’s one thing we have down here is events, and events on a bus too! New Year’s Eve parties are a blast with Light House Party Bus Limo. The year’s best events require a new year celebration, and who doesn’t want to ring in the New Year from inside a party bus?

Getting wasted at different events all night long sounds like a fantastic time. And if that’s not enough for you, check during Spring break and summer events that go through Labor Day weekend. Just because school is starting again doesn’t mean that partying has to come to an end!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a romantic time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a party. What could be better than spending Valentine’s Day with your friends on a party bus? 

Whether you’re going out for drinks or hitting the clubs, nothing says celebration like having all your friends with you. Plus, what can be more romantic than arriving at your destination together in style?

Light House Party Bus Limo has you covered if you and your friends are looking for events outside of Detroit. With events in cities all over the United States, there’s sure to be one near you that will fit your needs. There’s always an excuse to have a party, from major events like New Year’s Eve and Mardi Gras to smaller events like birthday events.

Light House Party Bus Limo is for Every occasion

Different events call for different party atmospheres. To get the best events, you need great company by your side to make it all possible.

So who do we think is the best at what they do? Check out Light House Party Bus Limo. Not only do we provide you with reliable rides, but we also deliver events straight to your door, so you don’t have to worry about going out of your way just to celebrate that special day!

You’ve found the perfect event companion with prices that are sure not to break the bank and quality service, even if you’re just looking for something small like one of your friend’s birthday parties!

Whether it’s an event for adults or families, Light House Party Bus Limo can help you find the perfect occasion to attend. With so many events and all of them available through party bus transportation, there’s no reason not to celebrate life in style with the most reliable limo bus rental near me!


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