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Can You Drink In A Limousine? The Answer Will Surprise You

Many folks don’t only use a party bus or limo for transportation. Weddings, graduations, stag and stagette parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and pub crawls are just a few of the occasions when they come in handy.

It’s not uncommon for you to designate your limo driver as your designated driver while you’re out having a good time with Buds on the party bus. There are a few things you should know if that’s your goal.

Can You Drink In A Limousine?

As long as you are not driving the limo, you can drink. However, it’s better to control consumption to avoid unwanted consequences.

For intoxicated individuals, riding in a limousine might be exceedingly dangerous. When a person isn’t in their right mind, they are more inclined to engage in acts that aren’t sane. Every day, more and more drivers are being falsely accused of crimes.

In addition, many instances go unreported because passengers are unable to remain calm and collected. This is terrible news for the limo firms who have been plagued by negative PR and lawsuits, but it’s also bad news for the drunken passengers.

As a result, it is in your best interest to resist the temptation to drink excessively while driving.

Do You Need A Liquor License For A Party Bus or Limo

If everyone on board is of legal drinking age and a valid Michigan liquor license is present, it is lawful to consume alcohol on a party bus in Michigan. Many party bus companies are licensed to operate.

Customers may be asked to pay for their liquor licenses if a business does not have one. Make sure to check with your Party bus company before booking. No open alcoholic beverages may be taken off the bus at any point during your trip.

This is the greatest, safest, and most enjoyable way to have a glass or two on a special occasion!

Do Limo Companies Allow Alcohol in Limo

Non-alcoholic beverages and water are allowed in practically every limo, although there are rules for alcoholic beverages.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as at weddings, where complimentary champagne bottles are included in the package for the purpose of the cork-popping images that many photographers like to snap.

Any activity prohibited anywhere is prohibited in limousines as well. If you bring alcohol on board and overindulge, you do so at your own risk and risk paying hefty fines.

Do Open Container Law Applicable to Limo and Party Bus

Party buses are the finest mode of transportation for a night out on the town with your coworkers or pals. The convenience of a party bus eliminates the need to select a designated driver or worry about where to park at each new destination.

Thus, party bus services have grown more in popularity over the past decade than any other time before.

So why do private party buses continue to be so popular? While riding the bus, passengers are permitted to have a beverage of their choice.

You might question, “But what about the open container rule?” That being said, federal law prohibits anyone from having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

However, this does not apply to professional transportation vehicles like charter buses, minibusses, or limousines. The driver of a party bus is usually segregated from the rest of the passengers in a separate compartment.

Can A Chauffeur Stop You From Taking Alcohol

If a passenger has consumed alcohol and is under the age of 21, the driver is required to stop the vehicle and return to the pickup location immediately.

In addition, the trip must be immediately terminated, and the passenger must be returned to the location where they were picked up if the chauffeur discovers that passengers are drinking alcohol and that no prior arrangements were made, including the appointment of a chaperone.


Whether you need a limo for work or pleasure, you can expect a stress-free experience almost every time. Things can always go wrong, but that’s to be expected in this crazy world we live in. 

You must take preventive measures to ensure that your limo journey is incident-free and comfortable, such as limiting your alcohol intake.

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