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What Is The Difference Between A Limo And A Stretch Limo?

You might be shocked to learn that the limousine idea predates the creation of motorized cars. Even during the horse-and-carriage period, affluent individuals preferred to travel with a personal coachman.

For ages, chauffeurs have been transporting wealthy individuals in a separate cabin, away from public view. As a result, limousine is a broad term rather than referring to a specific type of automobile.

Limousines, as a result, are distinguishable by a glass barrier separating the driver’s seat from the passenger compartment. They are also rich and fashionable.

What Is The Difference Between A Limo And A Stretch Limo?

Their distinctions are in their size, purpose, the number of people they can accommodate, colors, facilities, the occasions they are best suited for, personal passenger preferences, etc.

The sole distinction between a limousine and a stretch limousine is the car’s size. If a chauffeur is driving a luxury vehicle, whether a sedan or a stretch limo, the car is dubbed a limousine.

The only distinction between a limousine and a stretch limo is the length of the vehicle. Stretch limos are just sedans, town cars, or other vehicles that have been sliced in half, stretched, and put back together. 

(There’s a lot more body and mechanical work that goes into building a stretch limo, but that can be covered in the future Going Green Limousine blog!) As a result, a sedan is a limousine that, when expanded, becomes a stretch limousine. A limo can refer to both a standard limousine and a stretch limousine.

What to Ask For? Limo or A Stretched Limo

What to Ask For - Limo or A Stretched Limo - stretch limo vs limo - Light House Party Bus Limo

When you call your limo service company, you may choose whether you want a car, SUV, stretch limo, or party bus. You may also tell them how many people you require, and they will assist you in determining the sort of limo you want.

If you have two individuals, you may prefer a stretch limo. If such is the case, clarify that you have eight persons, you need an eight-passenger stretch or a 10-passenger stretch.

Regular Limo (Sedan Limo)

Because it is the most prevalent, most people conceive of a limousine as a luxury sedan or saloon automobile.

The term ‘sedan’ is derived from the Latin word ‘sedes/sedere,’ which means “to sit.” The Italian word ‘sede’ means ‘chair,’ or, more precisely, a ‘covered chair on poles,’ similar to an enclosed letter. That is how the Italian word sedan came to be in the early 1600s.

A typical sedan limousine can easily seat three persons. They are typically used to carry business people, their clients, and executives.

Sedans are also ideal for inconspicuous transportation since they can easily blend into traffic and draw little notice.

Traditional limousines are smaller than stretch limos, but they are still quite comfortable, have plenty of legroom, and feature a massive trunk for maximum storage space.

Although not having the same equipment, Sedans provide the impression of riding in a highly lovely automobile.

Stretch Limo

Stretch limos are just larger versions of big sedans. To represent this, the limousine’s chassis has been stretched, resulting in a longer wheelbase.

A normal stretch limo is around 10 meters long, with a 3-meter stretch. According to Guinness World Records, the world’s longest limo was 30 meters long. It was called the “American Dream” and included 72 seats, 26 wheels, and even a helicopter landing pad.

Both extended and conventional limos typically have four doors. The Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch variant, on the other hand, features 5 doors for easy entry and egress from the limo.

Stretch limousines can typically comfortably seat up to six persons. However, several varieties of stretch limos are available today, such as the six-pack, eight-pack, and ten-pack. However, this does not imply that they can comfortably carry that many passengers, but rather one or two fewer.

Stretch limos are typically utilized for weddings since they are romantic. They are connected with high-class occasions and are considered elegant and fashionable.

A stretch limousine makes a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Stretch limos are the ideal backdrop for smart, beautiful, and romantic images to remember your wedding day or prom night.


A limousine may provide you with luxuries that a standard automobile cannot. For example, its length offers plenty of area for various uses.

Because the limousine is viewed as a transport typically designated for just special events, you won’t find many individuals who would buy it as a family car.

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