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How Many People Does A Stretch Limo Hold

If you’re planning a party, you’ll probably want to know how many people a stretch limo can hold. It’s common for limo services to overcrowd their vehicles, but this can be dangerous and can lead to a crowded cab or worse.

While it’s tempting to take all your friends with you on a night in the town, it’s not a good idea. In addition to safety concerns, knowing how many people a stretch limo holds is also essential for your wedding, prom, or birthday.

Most limos will carry a maximum of eight to ten passengers. Most stretch luxuries feature a rear passenger compartment and two seats behind the driver compartment. In contrast, the smallest limos have space for six to eight passengers, with just the driver and passenger compartment.

How Many People Does A Stretch Limo Hold?

You can find many types of limousines available for special events. It really all depends on how large your party is, what the occasion is, and how you want to arrive in style! In terms of Limousine Services, you have a few options.

A stretch limo is a large car that can accommodate up to eight passengers. The seating layout is relatively simple: two seats directly behind the compartment, two seats on the side, and two seats in the back.

This is an extremely spacious vehicle, so it’s not uncommon to see couples traveling in a stretched Hummer limo. This might be a great choice if you’re planning a wedding, as the Hummer’s interior is spacious and the drivers are comfortable.

For a standard stretch limousine, you can expect to be able to hold up to 6 people per car. Super Stretch limousines can hold up to 14 people, and then you have the SUVLimusians.

The SuperStretch SUVlimusians can hold up to 26 people in total- which could probably hold an entire bridal party, including groomsmen! Here are some other ways that hiring a Limouzille can take an event to the next level.

Limousin Seating Capacity by Vehicle Size

The number of passengers in a stretch limo varies, but the lowest models accommodate up to six passengers plus the driver.

Generally speaking, the seating layout for the smallest stretch limos is two seats on each side, with two seats in the back of the limo. You’ll need more space if you have a large wedding party, but don’t worry, there are plenty of options for smaller-sized wedding parties.

Small-sized Limousin

Small-sized Limousin - how many people does a stretch limo hold - Light House Party Bus Limo

A small, smaller limo should carry six to eight passengers on average. These limos were initially made for smaller corporate parties or romantic couple getaways.

They are made with two seats behind the driver, two seats on the side of the limousine, and the other two opposite from the driver compartment. Usually, n the other side of the Limo is where the Bar and Audio or Radio system is located on the other side of the Limo.

Mid-sized Limousin

Mid-sized limousines can hold up to 10-15 passengers at a time. They are similar to the smaller limousines but with more neon lighting. They are much like a nightclub with some cold soft drinks. It is likely that they are identical to mid-sized cars but with more space and less noise.

At Light House Party Limo, we provide excellently cooked food and beverage options for your entertainment. Our car has a 140″ stretch which is great for everyone! You can also enjoy our DVD player with three different LCD TVs, champagne glass holders, opera lights, ice bins, a full bar, rear climate control, and a power privacy division.

Larger-sized Limousine

These more significant, luxurious limousines are made for more prominent groups. If you and your gang love to go places like sports arenas, receptions, or casinos, pick these larger vehicles. Like the smaller limousines, these are built-in with ice-cold soft drinks and a media/music player.

The seats in a stretch limo range from eight to 18 people. There are several models of stretch limos, and the number of passengers in the back depends on the size and style of the vehicle.


How many people does a stretch limo hold, depending on the vehicle’s size and sometimes the design? Now it’s up to you to pick the right-sized car according to the occasion.

Light House Party Bus Limo has a wide range of vehicles for your needs. Contact us immediately before your next big party.

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