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How To Use Party Bus For Concert In Summer 2023

You two should get back in touch in the summer of 2023. Join your pals aboard the Party Bus to celebrate the summer’s concerts. Spend the night and get the party started early!

People who have been pining for their friends and family during the pandemic should now feel free to rejoin society and join the festivities. If you want to ensure everyone arrives at the concert on time and has a good time doing it, why not book a party bus with your pals?

Get Rid Of Parking Hassles

Concert parking can be a pain, and if you plan on dressing up for the occasion, wearing high heels all night will leave your feet aching.

However, you may save the hassle and expense of finding parking blocks away from the event by taking the party bus there instead.

Moreover, you won’t have to waste time after the concert circling the parking lot aimlessly. You won’t have to fight through the crowd when it’s time to leave. Instead, you’ll ride in a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, is driven by an expert, and is stocked with refreshments and party essentials.

Start The Celebration Early

While someone else is behind the wheel of the party bus, you can get the party started early. Find out if you can bring a cooler or if your rental company provides one. And if they provide drinks, that’s a huge plus!

Think carefully about where you decide to have your meeting. It could be easiest to arrange rides home for everyone if you all go to the same restaurant or park in the same well-lit area.

After the bus drops you off, you can either walk or designate a driver to take you all home. Establish a reliable pick-up schedule, so the bus driver knows when to expect passengers.

Tour Around the Area

Consider including a city tour following the event if it has a beautiful skyline, stunning natural views, or other unique attractions.

After a great concert, taking in the sights of the city or the stars over the neighboring mountains is a great way to unwind and relax, but you’ll need to make arrangements with your companions and the tour bus rental business in advance.

Keep Some Money Handy

The price of renting a party bus to get you and your friends to the concert won’t even come close to the money you’ll save on gas.

If it’s your special occasion, like an anniversary or birthday, you might want to treat your closest friends, but if you all chip in to rent a party bus, pack a cooler full of drinks and food, and save money in the long run.

If you plan to split the cost of renting a bus amongst a large group of people, it is imperative that you first receive an accurate headcount and confirmation of who will be traveling with you. A limo could do the trick if your group is small enough.

Safety Matters

The safety of the concertgoers is increased by using this method of transportation. Having a safe trip home after the show is essential if you and your pals plan on imbibing before and during the show.

You can’t be sure how intoxicated the other drivers in the parking lot are, even if you’ve volunteered to be the sober one. It’s possible to have accidents in the parking lot or on the way out of the arena.

A party bus is a convenient means to transport a large group of people away from the congestion, either to their automobiles or a central meeting place.

Questions You Must Ask Before Renting Party Bus

Questions You Must Ask Before Renting Party Bus - Light House Party Bus Limo
Can we bring alcohol onto the Party Bus or Limousine?

Indeed, you can! However, in Detroit, MI, the legal drinking age is 21. Thus, no one under that age should bring alcoholic beverages on board. This is the law, and it’s also designed to keep everyone safe all night long.

Is there any minimum hour for renting a Party Bus?

Due to their popularity and the fact that most people only need them for a few hours (usually between 6 and 8), party buses and limos typically have a minimum rental period (usually the weekends).

If the rental company can’t fill the Party Bus for the entire day, then renting it for just an hour isn’t a sensible financial move. Booking a Party Bus for 30 minutes to get a haircut may sound like a good idea, but it likely won’t be cost-effective.

What will you pay if the allotted time is extended?

Most firms will provide an hourly cost if you decide you’re having too much fun in the Party Bus or Limousine to get out of there. It’s vital that they bill in 15-minute increments and don’t round up to make more money.

Is the tip included in the fees?

This is a fascinating query. Different businesses have different procedures. Our Party Bus and limo rental pricing already include a customary gratuity, while other businesses may not. Make careful to inquire about any hidden fees or extra expenses when making a reservation for your vehicle.

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