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6 Limo Etiquettes You Should Remember!

Limousines are life’s luxurious pleasure! There isn’t anything more luxurious than taking a trip in the best limousine. And the best part is, you don’t even need to own a limo to experience the luxury. At Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo, a limo service in Michigan, we offer cost-effective limo rides tailored to your needs. We have an exclusive collection of limos that you choose according to your budget, topped with exceptionally skilled chauffeurs.

Whether you are on your way to an event or just want an affordable and convenient mode of transportation, these cars allow for both relaxation AND getting noticed during this special time! In addition, limos can be surprisingly low-cost when compared with other luxury rides like taxis, so they’re definitely worth checking out – especially once all those worries start entering into play.

With that said, it’s important to remember that although you’re in for having fun or relaxing, there are some etiquette rules every passenger should follow. Here is a rundown list of etiquettes to follow when traveling in a limo.

Know The Passenger Count

Let the limo rental service know how many people you are expecting when you are making a reservation. It’s better to choose advanced booking in order to save yourself from the hassles of vehicle availability or sudden changes of plan. When there is a change of plans or passengers’ count, you need to inform the rental service as soon as possible. This will allow the company enough time to adjust and plan for the additions and subtractions from your group. Before you book, you should request a quote to get an estimate on how much it costs per person.

Think About The Punctuality 

Being fashionably late is cool at parties, but that doesn’t mean you should let your driver suffer. Be punctual and don’t make your driver wait, especially if the limousine is parked in a short-term parking space. Always be on time for your limousine ride, or else the driver might leave without picking you up! Don’t make them wait if there are other parties waiting as well. Ensure everyone involved will have an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Parents should pick their children up timely from the designated departure spot. Keep in mind that the driver is on a schedule and may not be able to stay with the students for longer.

Enter & Exit Etiquettes

Sometimes we are in so much rush that we tend to forget to follow the enter and exit etiquettes. Following such etiquettes not only increase your grace but also keep the limo interior intact and undamaged.

The correct way to get inside a limo is to let the chauffeur open the door for you. It’s their job to offer to open the door for you unless you have agreed upon that you or another person will open the door. Don’t huddle inside the car; sit in the vacant seat first and then swing your legs inside for a seamless entry. Then gently nudge your way into the row of seats, then scoot along until you find one that is just right.

Keep The Limo Clean

Keep The Limo Clean - limo service in michigan - Light House Party Bus Limo

First of all, a limo isn’t your trash can, so don’t make it one. Refrain from keeping empty bottles/cans, food wrappers, packets, personal items, etc. Instead, use an empty serial jar to throw the garbage. Before you leave, check to make sure that no trash is left in the car. Check the seats below the seats to make sure nothing stays inside the vehicle. The driver and the rental service will thank you for this. 

Know How Much To Tip Your Driver

Tipping your limo driver is a big deal. In some countries, this can mean the world to someone who has been treated well by an individual on their travels, and in return, it’s only polite if you have been pleased with service- no matter how bad things went! A standard rule would be 20% but given that a vehicle might be more expensive for something like a special occasion, then go ahead and add another 5%. However, if you find the service wasn’t up to the mark, you can choose to pay 10-15%.

Consume Alcohol Wisely And Responsibly

Here’s the rule with alcohol consumption: if you rented the limo, it’s your duty to offer drinks to the other passengers. However, if you didn’t rent it and are one of the passengers, don’t start pouring alcohol without being invited to do so. It’s always best to get approval from the host. Also, keep your drinking minimal, don’t get drunk like crazy. If you get intoxicated quickly, tone the liquor level at a tamed level to avoid being shitfaced.

Final Note

So, now you know a thing or two about the etiquettes, so make sure you follow all of them. Doing so will make your ride and journey much more comfortable and enjoyable. Want to book a limo for vacation rentals in Copper Harbor, Michigan? Book our Copper Harbor limo for a great ride and precious time.

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