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Limo Party Bus Rental Tips You Need To Know About!

Limousine party busses are the perfect vehicle to ensure the fun isn’t limited to the venues. In the party busses, you can drink, play games, and continue the fun on the road. It’s a popular choice for those who are looking to have a good time. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to corporate events to any other event that you need a party bus for. However, many think that limousine and party bus rental services are expensive. Still, odds are there is a limo service near you that offers not only the best vehicle and service but also provides the most value for your money. 

We here at Light House Party Bus Limo offer high-quality party bus rental services for Michiganders. Light House is one of the best limo services in Michigan, and that gives us unique insights into what makes for the perfect party bus rental service. A few different factors go into making a limo service excellent, and that’s what we will talk about here today. Here in the following passages, you will find the tips to help you find the best limo service in Michigan. So without further delay, let’s begin!

Know What You Are Booking The Limo For

To find the best limo for your event, you need to know what you are renting the limousine for. If you want to find the best limo, you need to inform the limo party bus service on the type of occasion, the number of people, hours, and how far you are going with the vehicle. The limo rental service must know whether it’s for a wedding, concert, prom, birthday party, or maybe an anniversary or other special event. Often limo services will specialize in certain events to ensure they deliver the best possible experience. So the more information you provide, the better the service you will get.

Find The Best Value

Limo service, like all other services, varies in price. Limo services have different price points meaning that the benefits you can expect vary from company to company. Now to find the best limo service, you will need to budget determined ahead of time. If you don’t know how to budget, then we recommend you make a list of the type of service you expect and take things from there.

Choosing The Right Ride

The right vehicle makes a big difference. Whether you want a stretch Hummer for your next bachelor party or a classic antique Rolls Royce for riding off in style from the wedding or something else entirely, the right limo will make a big difference in how your party goes. You need to make sure it has space, features, and look you need for your event. We suggest you get a limo that can house one or two more people than you are expecting. 

While some companies do provide music in the form of radio or satellite radio, not everyone does. So make sure you ask the limo rental service if they offer. If they don’t, make sure you take an iPod or a mixed CD with enough music to last the whole ride. Also, make sure to ask about the seating arrangement and luggage capacity for large group vehicles. 

Make Sure To Get The Whole Price

You have to make sure you check out the pricing between different limo and party bus rental services to find the best option for you. Usually, different companies have different pricing policies. While there are companies that offer limo rental services priced by the hour, companies offer flat/guaranteed rates for airport rides or sometimes all-inclusive packages. So make sure you get a quote for the limousine service company. 

Check the additional charges” like fuel surcharges or other services fees that are usually not included in the base price. One thing to remember is that it’s customary to tip drivers 15-20% of the base price. Now some companies automatically charge a driver gratuity fee, but there are companies as well that leave it to the customer to decide. Make sure you get the total price upfront when weighing your options, never to get caught off-guard.

Check for Party Bus Rental Packages

One of the best options for renting a limo for events with a predictable start and end time. For special occasions like weddings, concerts, prom, sporting events, or other ride types, limo services usually offer clients value packages. These packages typically have a set number of hours in a vehicle that fits your party size and event for a fixed, all-inclusive price. Some packages for every type of service, and many give substantial “bulk rate” price breaks. So make sure you check out if there are packages that fit your needs.

Reserve Your Limousine Or Party Early For Special Events

Special events usually require advance booking when it comes to renting a party bus or limo. At Light House, we usually clients book wedding limos 12-18 months in advance. For other events like proms, clients typically book a few months in advance. Usually, we suggest you start to look for the limo or party bus 3-4 weeks before your event. Once you have the preferred party bus and limo service that best fits your need, then you need to get the confirmation in writing. Generally, it’s best to contact your limo service provider a week before the event to make sure everything is good for the special occasion.

Reserve Your Limousine Or Party Early For Special Events - Light House Party Bus Limo

Safety Come First

When choosing your limousine or party bus rental service, the most crucial part is to ensure your and your party’s safety. Legitimate limousine rental services are registered with their state (the US only), have the proper levels of insurance, and be appropriately licensed. One of the steps to finding the best limo service near you is to ask them for their licensing and insurance credentials. Any party bus or limo rental service worth their salt will show you the credentials immediately. So make sure you ask for them and not take any chance with your safety.

Always Plan Ahead

If you want to make sure your event goes through smoothly, plan every detail of your ride experience. Ask yourself questions like, do you need ice or drinks? Do you have a preferred route for your ride? What stops would you like to make? It will help you get the best limo service around. Ensure you provide these details to the limo service to ensure they meet your needs and meet your needs at the right price. So make sure you plan ahead. 

Work With The Best Limo & Party Bus Rental Service In Michigan

So there you go, those are some limo & party bus rental tips you need to know about. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure you work with the best limo service in Michigan. If you have any queries about limo or party bus rentals, drop them in the comments below. We here at Light House Party Bus Limo offer one of Michigan’s best limo and rental services

If you want to know more then, you can check out our services. Also, hit us up on our socials to send in your thoughts and suggestions on improving our services and catering to your needs. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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