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Tips For Hiring And Renting A Limousine Party Bus!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by party bus rentals, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. However, if you have previous experience and know what to look for, the decisions come pretty quickly. With the correct information and expertise, you will be able to pick up and accumulate all sorts of little tidbits and nuggets of knowledge that will make planning your next event a breeze. 

At Light House, we have a reputation for providing high-quality party bus rental services, and our clients have never been overcharged, scammed, and not once bamboozled. We pride ourselves on our transparency, which is one reason why the people of Michigan love us. 

However, if you are only thinking about avoiding the lousy rental services in your area, you might need to rethink your decision. That’s because even some well-known and reputable brands utilize tricks of the trade to pad contracts and increase their bottom line. And that’s what we will help you rectify here. 

In the following passages, you will find tips for hiring and renting limousine party bus rentals that will help you find the right vehicle at the right price, no matter the occasion. So without further delay, let’s check them out!

Knowing What’s Needed

When thinking about isle royale vacation rentals, the first thing you have to do is to know what you need precisely. You should also be aware of last-ditch attempts from shady salespeople on wasteful upgrades. 

If you are an informed buyer, it will be impossible for anyone to take advantage of you. So make sure you invest time in researching your options before the trip. There are a few different aspects you should take into account. Here they are:

  • Number of guests
  • Pick up and drop off location
  • Preferred date and backup dates, if applicable
  • The number of hours requested
  • Number and location of stops

If you’ve ever planned a trip, then you already know about guests’ propensity to change RSVPs at the last minute. So it’s always good to leave a little wiggle room for any last-minute additions to the guest list. 

You should make sure you never hire a party bus that’s too big for your party, but you should also make sure you have enough budget room for all of your guests. Another thing you should take into account is the amenities. Also, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is music important? 
  • Will your friends love the dance pole? 
  • What about onboard entertainment like flat-screen televisions?

Along with these things, you have to consider your accessibility and any special needs for your trip. Ensure to review the guest list and keep in mind any specific accommodations that the guests may need. 

Check out if the party bus rental company has ADA handicap-accessible vehicles maintained in-house by professionally certified mechanics to guarantee the highest standards of quality and control. Keep in mind that the amenities may change in accordance with the car you choose. So make sure you choose one that fulfills your needs.

Going Local

Whenever you are looking to hire party bus limos, always make sure to create a list of local companies. It would be best to do this because your pricing is usually dependent on mileage and travel time. 

So having a local vendor will ensure there won’t be any unnecessary miles and charges to your account even before you board on the vehicle. Also, local companies usually have lower operating costs and more affordable insurance, and that’s because they are generally in a centralized location, making the entire experience more affordable for you. 

Finally, whenever you are thinking about choosing a local vendor for your trip, make sure to choose one that offers local, professional drivers in vehicles closely operated and maintained. It’s crucial because whenever you go with national chains, it’s hard to know who will show up on the day of your special event. 

However, with local companies, you will get drivers familiar with the area, with insider knowledge on traffic, busy routes and closures, and special events, which will save both valuable time and precious dollars.

Plan The Route-Ahead Of Time

When you plan a trip, you should always make sure to plan your itinerary ahead of time. That way, the driver will be able to map the route ahead of time. That means you will be able to ensure that you have planned for enough time. You should never underestimate the power of “prep time” required to gather a group together to board and/or depart. 

isle royale vacation rentals - Plan The Route-Ahead Of Time - Light House Party Bus Limo

Make sure you choose a party bus rental service that will help secure coveted reservations, get sought-after seats, and plan the best routes around pesky traffic. You have to plan in a way that will spare you from worrying on the day of your event and instead sink into the sumptuous leather in relief.

Contract Review

Whenever you sign a contract or submit any payment information, make sure you receive a written copy of your contract. It should include everything from the terms for your event rental, itemizing all charges to taxes, and fees for your review. Check and confirm all dates, times, and addresses, along with ensuring you have the right vehicle. 

Remember that an SUV limousine or charter bus are brilliant options for trips and events but won’t offer the same amenities as thrilling party buses. It would be best if you also look into the company policies when reviewing the contract. Please find out the cancellation policy and how it changes in inclement weather or some other random event. 

Remember, there is nothing better than being prepared with all the information. You should also look into what happens if you need extra time on the day of the event. It’s pretty standard for the host to need extra time on the day of the event, so it’s always better to have it worked into the contract. Make sure you have the vehicle and driver information beforehand, along with a contact number for any issues on the road. 

If you need any special arrangements made, make sure you have it recorded in written form on the contract. Don’t rely on verbal agreements, as you won’t be able to present any proof later on down the road for any reason. You will also need prior approval to bring in pets, as companies tend to have differing opinions and policies on the issue. 

The final review should be about the policies to confirm that food and beverages are permitted onboard. Remember, different companies have different policies, and you don’t want to be in a position to find where all of your cake and goodies aren’t allowed on board.

Advance Booking

The importance of this tip cannot be stressed enough, especially if you have a large party that needs specific or multiple vehicles. For events like a wedding party, we recommend you book 8-12 months out. 

Usually, you have to accommodate well over a hundred people with weddings, and trying to accommodate them all can become a big challenge. Therefore, it would be best to be utterly sure about precisely what you want and need, especially for events as special as a wedding. 

When you book your limos and party busses significantly ahead of time, it slows down the process giving you ample time to research your vendors thoroughly. However, before you sign the contract, you have to make sure you check if they are legitimate, with positive reviews from previous customers. 

As for the vehicles, make sure they aren’t older than 3 to 5 years as per industry standards. You should always ask your rental representative if you have concerns. And finally, you have to check out discounts. Plenty of companies are anxious to line up events for the year in advance. That means they are inclined to book future business. 

Make sure to work with party bus limo rental services with plenty of experience and are primed as premier providers for transportation solutions. That way, you can ensure you have the skill and expertise of an experienced team to escort you wherever you would like to go.

The Best Party Bus Limo For Hire In Michigan

So there you go. Those are all the tips for hiring and renting a limousine party bus for your event. As you can see, we know the limo business and how the rental process works, and we have popular insider tips that could end up saving you thousands of dollars. So you see, Light House Party Bus Limo is the right company for you if you are looking for party bus rentals in Michigan, so make sure you get in touch!

Also, if you have any other questions regarding isle royale vacation rentals, drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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