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10 Things To Assess Before Hiring A Limo Rental Company

Limousine buses provide a luxurious experience that is hard to find elsewhere. They are perfect for travel in groups and can be rented at any time. So, we need to make sure the limo company offers good value before committing to anything.

Before you search for the best limo rental company in Michigan, the following ten factors will help you choose the right one for your party need.

Diversity of the Fleet

After a long day of work, it’s nice to stretch and breathe in some fresh air. With the option for small groups and larger ones, you never have to worry about being cramped again on your commute home! A company with an extensive fleet is much more accommodating because their cars will be stocked with amenities that suit different customer needs, like sunroofs or leather seats.

In Light House Party Bus Limo, we offer a wide range of vehicles according to your party or event needs. For example, you can get from 30 pax Spectacle Reef Party Bus to 12 pax Rock Harbor Stretch SUV Limousine. All you have to do is give dial our number.

Service Quality

A wide range of limo fleets will be an excellent asset if the limo company offers outstanding services. From the reservation process to the attitude of the chauffeur, everything belongs to the service.

With insured vehicles and the most experienced chauffeur, we can make your corporate, wedding, prom & formals, or casino trip a memorable one. Even if you plan for a tailgate party, school events, or a mere airport tour, a call will make things easy and festive for you in no time. 

The leather interior, LED color change ceiling and floor light, easy access to drinks stands, stereo sound with Bluetooth accessibility, and even a stable pole in our Spectacle Reef Party Bus will make the celebration a happening one. 

Adult Beverages 

With LightHouse Party Bus Limo, the social customer can enjoy an adult beverage after a long day. Of course, we do not offer any alcoholic drinks, but you can always bring and enjoy your drink in our party vehicles.

Only adults over 21 years old are allowed to drink while onboard our buses as per Michigan State Law. Therefore, anyone under this age will not be served or allowed any drinks at all – if you’re underage drinking with us, then it’s your last ride!

Additional Amenities

An excellent limo rental company will always offer you something extra to make your trip comfortable and memorable. Check the list of additional amenities a company offers before you pay the down payment of the reservation.

At Light House Party Bus Limo, we provide you with the essentials. Aside from a ride to get you wherever it needs transportation, cups and napkins will keep passengers in good spirits! Ice coolers are always stocked, so have no fear of running out during any long road trip or eventful journey. 

Optional crystal stemware for those more elegant occasions can be rented at an additional cost but don’t worry about music because each car comes equipped with Bluetooth and auxiliary input (headphone jack) if desired.

Security and Vetting

Background screening standards at Lighthouse Party Limo include FBI fingerprints, detailed history reports from previous employers, and driving records. This includes DUI convictions or any other criminal offenses committed within the last seven years, which would impact their ability to drive safely during work hours. 

According to security experts within the industry, while sophisticated technology continues its march forward, improving both data accuracy and speed requirements remain high.


Price can be a significant factor in deciding on what kind of limo rental company service to use. Comparing prices will give you an idea of how much is reasonable for the services that are needed. For example, hiring the best limo companies near me or motor coaches may not always come with lower rates than other less reputable companies offering weddings and events such as these. 

You only pay a down payment to make a reservation. Rest of the charge, you can pay after having an eventful party on the wheel. And there is no extra charge or hidden fees when you are with Light House Party Limo.

Despite this, though, it’s essential to remember price should only be one indicator when determining if your choice was good enough – there’s also quality to consider too! Also, keep in mind the famous saying, “price is what we pay; value is what we get.”


No matter if it’s the return or cancellation, you will expect the best limo companies near me will have clear policies. Shady lines in the policies or terms of services are always red flags that the company will charge you extra with a bunch of hidden fees. 

We’re one of the few limo bus services in Michigan without hidden fees! You can bring your luggage with you on board, and as long as we don’t go over in time or damage our vehicle, there won’t be any additional charges. We’ll give you a quote before booking that includes everything: all actual pick-up and drop-off locations outside of 40 miles are also considered for fuel surcharges to make sure they fit into what’s already low-cost transportation fare.


Staffing is an essential aspect of any limo bus company because it signifies how well and quickly they will accommodate you. Can answer and provide information about wait times in advance.

Staffing - Light House Party Bus Limo

Unlike most companies, the LightHouse Party Bus Limo office remains open 24/7 so that we can attend to all inquiries no matter what time of day a customer contacts us with questions or feedback.

Safety and Insurance Coverage

A limo rental company should have the right insurance with adequate coverage. This means that they should have coverage on their vehicles, drivers, and even passengers. However, it’s not enough to just get the right policy–you also need a service with good customer reviews because you never know when something might go wrong! And with us, you are always fully covered and insured.

Customer Care

One of the most important factors to judge a limo company is a personal experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire someone from this specific company; call up anyone and speak with them about your needs – they are called representatives for a reason! Be sure to ask as many questions as possible, ensuring that their answers will help determine if it’s worth hiring them or not. 

If you’re unsure whether or not an answer was satisfactory, feel free to visit their office (sometimes online) and meet some staff members personally so that you can have more insight into what type of operation would work best for someone like yourself.

Lighthouse Limo has served around 9000 customers who return to get the professional, safe, reliable, luxury transportation service. We have 30 qualified chauffeurs to serve you on any occasion.

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