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5 Myths To Bust Before You Pick A Limousine Rental Service

Have you ever hired a limousine company for any reason before? If not, then we recommend that now is the time. Limo companies provide many advantages over other transportation options in terms of cost and convenience. Plus they are much more varied than buses or trains!

The idea of a limousine is often reserved for only the rich and famous, but with recent advancements in technology, it’s now available to anyone. The benefits of having your driver are not just about being pampered; you can also reap safety from all those who try to steal or impersonate drivers out there on the roadways these days!

Here we have busted five common myths about limousine rental service. After clearing these misconceptions, you will find limos are convenient and a great source of fun.

It’s Super Expensive

Most people don’t know that renting a limousine for your next special event can be affordable. Sure, the initial purchase may seem pricey. Still, when you think about all of its features and how much money it will save in transportation costs from an airport to venue location or hotel accommodation, it’s worth looking into!

In LightHouse Party Bus Limo, we charge between $200 to $300 as a downpayment for your rentals based on the size of the vehicle. Later you only pay the hourly fees for that particular vehicle. Till now, we made around 9000 passengers happy and satisfied while covering almost 900,000 miles with them.

Finding an affordable limousine company can be difficult. But, you shouldn’t assume that a cheaper option means they’re using outdated models. It’s not always true. On the contrary, there are ways to preview our vehicles just by going on the website.

With our fleet of cars available at your fingertips before reserving services with us, you’ll know what vehicle will best suit your needs. So, stop worrying about finding something quality secondhand or used because we’ve got it covered here at LightHouse Limo!

It’s For Celebrities or Millionaires Only

The biggest myth about any limo rental services is that only rich and famous people can have them. The reason why this myth might exist is that you’ve seen them in movies and TV shows where those types of characters get around town with their chauffeur and a black limousine. But take a look at your local airport car service or local companies: these companies offer rates so reasonable that anyone can afford to use one!

Unless you want to buy your own, almost anyone who needs transportation (whether from an event back home or just running some errands) will have no problem using professional car services by renting out cars on-demand as required.

Our coherence with the Michigan law and safety compliance according to MDOT 3253786 makes us the most trusted companies in central Michigan. So when people search for a reliable limousine rental service near me, LightHouse Party Bus Limo comes as the first choice.

It’s a Brand Name

The word limousine can mean a car or simply refer to the type of car. You might think that there is one specific brand, but in reality, it doesn’t exist because no company exclusively makes them. Instead, they are primarily long and offer luxurious features like your own chauffeur who drives you around while sipping on champagne!

Commonly people may believe that only certain brands make Limousines when they just represent what types of cars these vehicles are – not which manufacturer made them specifically. The term ‘Limo’ can be used interchangeably with any other words such as Luxury Cars, Stretch Sedans, etcetera for anything longer than usual, usually stylish & offering more luxuries/comforts than the most regular-sized sedan.

If you’re looking for a particular type of limo, look for an established company that provides this vehicle brand in their fleet. However, not all types are offered by every business; LightHouse Party Bus Limo offers different styles and options so clients can find the perfect ride!

Limos are For Special Occasions Only

You don’t have to be rich like Jeff Bozos and famous like Leonardo De Caprio to rent a limo. Common misconceptions are that you need something big, like an event or special occasion, before renting one of these luxury vehicles. But the truth is different – people use limousine services for many reasons, including airport rides, parties, sporting events, and day-to-day travel (when they want comfort). You don’t even have to wait until your wedding day!

When you search for a limo and party bus rental near me in Michigan, LightHouse Party Bus Limo will always be on the top of your mind because of our extraordinary diversity in service and quality. Are you looking to hop around the Michigan casino or stop at Dearborn for a tailgate? We will make your trip an awesome one. Whether it’s prom night or just want to have a sip of fresh wine in a brewery, give us a call and enjoy the event.

It’s For Adults Only

When you think of a limousine, weddings are the first thing that comes to your mind. However, on many other occasions, people find it necessary and convenient to utilize this service, such as proms and homecomings. In addition, there’s no age limit on who can make use of these services!

It’s For Adults Only - Light House Party Bus Limo

Do you want to spend a day full of fun with your family and kids on a party bus? We have everything ready for the event. Our chauffeur with decade-long experience will take you anywhere you want and make unlimited stops, whether it’s for sightseeing or a loo! 

Out of the 9000 passengers we have served, a significant number of them are kids, and they simply love the outlook and LED-lit interior of our vehicles. So why Don’t you give it a try to make your family excited to have a limo ride?

Don’t Wait, Call For a Luxury Ride in a Limo

Welcome to a world of extravagant luxury, where you can escape the mundane and uninteresting. LightHouse Party Bus Limo is here for all your limo service needs! We offer a night in a limousine package for every occasion: weddings, birthday parties. So why not take the opportunity and break the monotony of life with a hint of luxury.

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