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Limo Vs. Party Bus – Which One To Pick?

Planning a night out with your friends and family or looking for a solo ride? Both settings have just the perfect transportation option if you are considering hiring one. You can either select a limo or a party bus. A limousine is frankly the best option if you are riding alone. This is because it’s affordable and you don’t need to reserve a greater number of seats. So, limos are best for traveling alone.

But what about your friends and family? If you’re accompanying more than one passenger with you, you can either take limousines or a party bus. In that case, you can hire our limo and party bus service. With either of these 2 options, you can roam around the town or take a trip in a vehicle that is big enough to carry all the passengers altogether. 

But which one is better? Naturally, you are torn between the options and feeling confused as to which one to hire. That’s why we have taken the trouble explaining to you the difference, the pros, and the difference between both vehicles to help you make the decision.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Transportation

The Budget

Determining the budget is the first thing you would want to do. You should always know what you are paying for upfront. This is to ensure you aren’t overpaying. When it comes to paying for a limo or party bus, it’s not just the vehicle you are paying for. You are also paying for the numerous features available to you. Even though the budget may be an issue, it can be solved by dividing between the passengers equally. So, the more the passengers, the lesser the fee for an individual. 

The Occasion

When the occasion calls for class and eloquence, nothing can beat a limousine. Similarly, a party bus lets you collect more guests, create a fantastic environment, and give you comfortable long rides. Of course, limousines are best for solo traveling, touring cities, airports, proms, parties, etc. But party buses aren’t any less than limousines. They are versatile vehicles that can take a large group to wedding locations, study tours, picnics, etc. 

The Event Location

Limos are a luxury; we get it, and they look so elegant. But they might not be ideal for long-distance trips and may even take a higher renting price compared to party buses. Party buses, on the other hand, are too big for a smaller quantity of people but they cover a greater distance. You can also rent a party bus or semi-buses if you want to skip the hassle of taking a giant bus. However, the perks of hiring a party bus are that they can easily get you to any location, no matter how near or far the event location might be.

Why Choose A Limousine?

Limousines feature long bench style rather than the typical sedan sitting arrangements. While limos vary from company to company, most limos offer enticing features and amenities to make your travel experience fun and comfortable. Our limos include a bar, ices, and kitchenware. The limo from our rental also includes stereo, lighting controls, and comfortable seats. Our limos can carry 8 to 12 people at max.

1. Privacy

Limos typically have tinted windows, which means nobody can see from the outside what’s happening on the inside. The passenger seating section is also separated from the driver’s seat to give you more privacy. 

2. Creating The First Impression

It’s evident that the limo symbolizes class and creates a stunning first impression wherever you go. So, if wanna look sophisticated and impress the crowd, hiring a limousine is your best suit.

3. Price

With luxury features and a chauffeur to drive you to your destination, the renting price is affordable. Yes, it may cost a bit more than driving your own car, but you also have to weigh in the extra advantages that come with a limo.

Why Choose A Party Bus?

Why Choose A Party Bus - party bus rental near me - Light House Party Bus Limo

A party bus can board 20 to 50 people at one go! Some mid-range party buses like our Harbour Beach Party Bus can hold 20 passengers. These buses are filled with amenities that will keep you and the other passengers partying hard all night long. You can expect comfortable luxury seating, nicely stocked bar, lighting, and music control along with large TV and stereo, dance floors, bathrooms, and the list goes on. 

1. Amenities

If you’re looking for luxury transportation with lots of amenities, you should book a party bus. The features in a party bus easily outweigh the limo’s any day. Who needs to go to the party venue for partying when you can do that on the bus?

2. More Space

If limos feel a little congested for you, you should definitely look out for party buses. You already know the plus point of renting a party bus: you can bring a large crowd with you and still get plenty of room for everyone.

3. Privacy

One thing limos and party buses have in common is the privacy factor. Similar to limousines, party buses also include tinted windows, a separate driver seat, and a lot of room to give you and your guest some space.

Final Verdict

If you ask us, both luxury vehicles are winners! This is because everyone has different tastes, budgets, and requirements. Therefore, it’s up to you which type of transportation best suits you and your condition. If you are interested in booking a limo or a party bus rental near you, call us on 517-798-5625. Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo rental service is just a call away!

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