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Stretch Limousines Vs Stretch SUVs: What You Should Know!

At Light House Party Bus Limo, we specialize in providing affordable, high-end limousine rental services to the good people of Michigan. One of the most common questions we come across is about our stretch SUV and limousine fleets. They are often surprised about the fact that it’s more than just the hummer and old-style limousine. Not everyone is open to luxury custom vans, as some people are looking for those “good old” traditional stretch limo or stretch hummer for their trip. 

We know that everyone won’t like luxury custom vans, and some people will look for conventional stretch limo or stretch hummer for their trip, and that’s how we’ve set ourselves up. Due to our experience in providing high-quality, affordable limousine rental services, we know all there is to know about when it comes to stretch limousines and SUVs, and we thought we should help you out. 

In the following passages, you will find all you need to know about the differences between stretch limousines and stretch SUVs. Hopefully, we will make it easier to decide on which of the two is the better option for your event by the end. So without further delay, let’s check them out!

Which One’s Better?

When it comes to choosing the better option, there is no specific answer. It all depends on the person renting and the type of event they are renting it for. To put it simply, the best option is the option that fits your needs and preferences perfectly, and that’s always the better choice. 

For example, if you plan a date for Valentine’s day, then a stretch limo is a good choice, but for a “girls night out,” you may want to go with a stretch SUV. However, these are all about personal preferences, and we won’t say which one is better for you. Nevertheless, here are some details about stretch limousines and SUVs that should help you understand what entails renting one!

Stretch Limousine Review

Stretch limousines have been a symbol of class and style for some time now. These vehicles are sleek and long and are a time-tested symbol of affluence. If your event requires a classical kind of luxury, then these can be your vehicle of choice. Stretch limos are usually associated with tuxedos, evening gowns, red carpets, and fine wine.

 If you are planning a wedding or a romantic evening of fine dining or a night at the theater or a Broadway show, then you can’t do much better than stretch limos. It brings an element of refinement and elegance to the evening in a way no other vehicle can. However, there are some downsides to stretch limos, namely the difficulty getting in and out of them. 

It becomes even more apparent if there’s more than one person as it usually takes much crawling around on the inside of the long car to get to the seat. Also, if the event dress code is tuxedos and evening gowns, then you could be in for a frustrating night of fighting with evening gowns and messed-up hair.

Stretch SUV Review

If you are looking for a more rowdy night, then the stretch SUV is your go-to car. It will get your party started from pickup and let it end at the last drop-off. These vehicles are synonymous with parties and clubs, especially if you are traveling with friends. Stretch SUVs usually come equipped with a wet bar and feature premium audio systems. Some higher-end ones even allow for an onboard DJ. 

The problem with stretch SUVs is the same as stretch limos, as you will find moving around a bit complicated but not as much as stretch limos. Also, the low headroom makes getting and out a pain where you have to squat and crawl to the seats. Doing this will get annoying over time, especially if there are plenty of stops.

Stretch Limousines Vs. Stretch SUVs

Stretch Limousines Vs Stretch SUVs - limousine rental service - Light House Party Bus Limo

As you can see, stretch limousines and SUVs offer different functionality and compliments different events. So finding the right option for you depends a lot on what you want from the service. However, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to stretch limos and SUVs, so let’s check them out!

The Practical Differences

Stretch SUVs usually tend to have a bit more space than the traditional stretch limos. While a conventional stretch limousine can house 15 people inside, the stretch SUV being more extended can usually hold 16 or even 24 people at once. 

So if your party has many people, then stretch SUVs is the one you want. Add to that the fact that people find getting out of and moving inside a stretch SUV easier than limos, so you get the best of both worlds here. However, the choice needs to be about what works for you and go from there.


When it comes to stretch limousines, these cars are known to be much more romantic than their SUV counterpart. These cars house fewer people, and that creates room for the intimacy you want for a wedding or a date. Besides, stretch limos are a great option if you plan an event for a smaller group of people. 

Stretch limousines are stylish and elegant, and on top of that, they will give you a high-tier, classy experience. When it comes to stretch SUVs, they have more of a modern approach. It’s a great vehicle, and it feels and looks very nice. And if that’s something that appeals to you, then you should go for it as in the end, it will offer you the creative appeal and quality that you want.

Depends On The Event

For any classy event, stretch limousines are the obvious choice. These cars look professional, and people love them because of the upper-class vibe they bring. However, for current events, you may want to go with stretch SUVs. These are known to make a statement, and that’s something many people are looking for. 

However, you do have to be creative and come up with stuff that you enjoy. When you use that to your advantage and understand the challenges that can arise, you will find nothing is impossible. Make sure to take into account your preferences and needs along with your personality when choosing a stretch limo or stretch SUV rental service. 

The Best Stretch SUV And Limousine Service In Michigan

So there you go, that’s about it for the comparisons between stretch limos and SUVs. As you can see, no one comes out on top in stretch limousines vs. stretch SUVs, and it all boils down to individual preferences and needs. At Light House Party Bus Limo, we cater to the good people in Michigan who need an affordable high-end stretch limo and SUV rental services. 

We take pride in our services and all that’s possible due to our top-of-the-line vehicles, well-trained, professional chauffeurs, and customer service you won’t find anywhere else. We are the perfect match for your events. So if you are looking for stretch limos, SUVs, or party busses, then get in touch

Also, if you have questions regarding our fleet or services, you can drop them in the comments or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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