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Steps For Finding The Best Limousine And Party Bus Rentals!

A party bus goes for every occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or concerts. The biggest perk that comes with using a party bus is that you get to keep your group together in one vehicle. It especially comes in handy when drinking is involved and lets everyone partake while eliminating the temptation to drive drunk. Besides, party busses are just fun and filled with music, refreshments, and party bus activities that keep time flowing smoothly. 

That’s why finding the best limousine and party bus rentals is vital to keeping the fun alive and to ensure safety. We here at Light House Party Bus Limo offer specialized limousine and party bus services to make your trips and events better. So we know what you need to do to find the best limousine and party bus rentals and thought we should let you know. Here in the following passages, you will find eight simple things for finding the best limousine and party bus rentals. So without further delay, let’s check them out!

Choosing A Reputable Company

You have to remember that your safety starts with the type of limousine and party bust rental company you choose. Make sure to do ample research online through third-party review sites to check for issues. Now, you will find some people complain about things like a tiny stain on the seat or complain about how the company didn’t bend the rule for them. 

They even complain that the company didn’t provide alcohol for them even though it’s prohibited by law. Make sure you ignore these complaints as these aren’t helpful. Instead, look for more significant issues like unsafe vehicles or drivers who don’t follow the rules of the road. Ask the company about its hiring policies. 

Also, make sure all the drivers have proper licensing and plenty of experience driving buses. You should also check the company’s safety record and insurance. Another factor in finding the best limousine and party bus rental is to check out their facility. The premise should be clean and well managed with the staff being friendly and knowledgeable. 

Guest Count

Before you choose the final party bus rental service for you even, make sure to have an accurate guest list at hand. Remember that party busses come in different sizes, and the maximum number of passengers varies with each. So when you know how many people there will be in your budget, you will be able to determine if the company has the right size bus in its fleet. 

Remember, if you book a party bus that’s more extensive than you need, it would only end up costing you extra money, while booking too small of a bus could leave some guests out of the party. So make sure you get the count right to find the perfect size for the party bus rental. 

Creating The Party Plan

You should know all the details regarding your party. If you know the general agenda behind your party, you will get a more accurate quote, which will help the company plan for your event. Typically, you won’t just make one stop and go straight home. 

Most events will involve multiple visits, like a dinner, a concert, and bars after or a series of bars. In addition, some companies charge for fuel, and your route will impact the cost if that’s the case. So make sure to keep these things in mind and plan accordingly to save on gas costs efficiently.


Always check the availability before the event. See if the party bus size and type you want for your event date are available or not, and book at least one month ahead. We recommend booking the party bus or limousine as soon as you know your plan. That way, you will be able to ensure the best choice in dates and bus types. 

Keep in mind that some dates book quickly and require earlier reservations. For example, holidays are always busy, and weekends are busier than weekdays. Also, if there’s a big event in a town like a huge concert, party busses may be more in demand. 

Check The Party Busses In Person

Remember, not all party busses are equal. Images online can be deceiving, and some companies tend to take photos that make the party busses look better than they are, with some even using generic photos. Always know what your car will look like in person before you sign your contract by seeing the bus options in person. You should also make sure the party bus fits the vibe of your event. 

If you plan something upscale, you don’t want a converted school bus painted neon green party bus experience. Find the one that fits you, and make sure you look at the details. See if it’s clean and working or not. Also, make sure that the party bus rental isn’t outdated with fraying seats and stains.

Understanding Costs

The price of hiring party busses or limos varies significantly by area. Remember that the time of year and overall demand also impacts the pricing for party bus rentals. The fees tend to run between 100 and 300 dollars per hour. Always ask for a detailed description of the costs to understand why you paid what you paid. 

The fees for party busses are usually charged by the hour or as a flat rate for a set amount of time. Next, check what’s included in the quoted cost. Some companies give you an introductory rate but add surcharges for fuel and other transportation costs. 

You might also need to tip the driver, so make sure you ask for the limo and party bus rental if it automatically adds a gratuity to your costs. A safe tip amount is 18% of the total rental fee, but there is no upper limit, with many giving up to 20% or more for exceptional service on tips. Be clear about the costs if you go over the limit if up. 

However, if you extend the night, then your party bus time could result in a hefty additional fee—another financial aspect of choosing who’s going to pay for the party bus. Finally, check if you are covering all of the costs as the host, or is everyone splitting the bill? Find out how you’ll collect the money if everyone’s pitching in to cover the expenses.

Get It All In Writing 

Whenever you hire a limousine or party, you will always get a contract. It should have everything in detail explaining exactly what you’re getting and the policies and rules you need to follow. There should also be a breakdown of the party bus cost and any extra fees. Make sure you read it thoroughly before signing it. Only sign when you agree with the rental terms and keep a copy of the party bus rental contract for future reference. 

Refreshment Options

Refreshment Options - limousine party bus rental - Light House Party Bus Limo

Always ask the limousine and party bus rental company about the rules on food and beverages. For example, some companies will allow you to bring your refreshments onto the bus, whereas others require you to use their vendors. When you know the policies, you will be able to plan your even better. Also, keep in mind that the limo company can’t provide alcohol for you in most states, but you may be able to bring your alcohol onto the party bus. 

Limousine And Party Bus Rentals In Michigan

So there you go, these are the steps for finding the best limousine and party bus rentals. First, make sure you hire a limousine company that meets all the steps mentioned above. That way, you will be able to keep your party or even pop. 

Now, if you are looking to hire the best limousine or party bus rentals in Michigan, then Light House Party Bus Limo can help you out. We have fantastic vehicles and fantastic staff who will work tirelessly to ensure you have a great time. So if you are looking to hire a limousine or party bus, then make sure to contact us

Also, if you have questions about our fleet and services, drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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