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Why Hire A Party Bus & Limousine Service For Concerts?

So you’ve got the tickets to see your favorite band, and now you and your friends are looking forward to a night you won’t forget. There’s just one little thing. How do you get there? Stuffing yourself in your or your friend’s car isn’t the type of headache anyone wants to take on when heading out. And that’s where a party bus or limousine rental service for concerts comes in. They can be the perfect solution for you and your friends to ensure you have a fun night out. 

At Light House Party Bus Limo, we specialize in providing top-notch concert limousine service to ensure you and your friends enjoy the night. Because of our expertise we know all there is to know about party bus rentals for concerts, and we thought we should tell you why you need to hire a party bus and limousine service for concerts. So without further delay, let’s check them out!

Traveling Smoothly And In Style

If you’ve ever been to a concert, then the odds are you know arriving at a concert without any trouble is something that rarely happens. Even though live events are amazing, they usually spell chaos and confusion. 

Anywhere that holds thousands of people for an evening of fun is going to be crowded, loud, chaotic, and complicated to navigate. That means the chaos can easily extend to road traffic and parking, and that can lead to a less enjoyable night. A party bus rental service or a concert limousine service removes many of these issues by default.

Don’t Have To Worry About Parking

Even though rideshare service has reduced the need for parking in recent years, venue parking still tends to be crowded. Now, a limo driver is very much used to packed parking lots, and in many cases, limos get designated parking spaces. Just imagine getting into a venue from a parking spot near the door. 

It means you don’t have to not go through the hassle of parking your own car in a tight, inaccessible space. Plus you also don’t have to pay extra for parking, which makes a concert limo service very attractive.

Beat The Traffic

If you are attending the concert in a major city, you can expect to encounter a lot of traffic. To be fair, any major live event causes traffic regardless of whether it’s being held in a suburb or a busy city. So if you hate traffic, the good news is that a concert limousine service can help you beat it. 

The limo driver will usually have alternate routes planned in case of traffic. Besides, even if you hit a little bit of traffic, you won’t be the driver having to deal with it. Professional limo drivers are used to challenging and sometimes tense driving circumstances, and they are trained to deal with them in a stress-free manner. So you might even find out that being stuck in traffic is bearable if you’re in the back of a party bus or limo.

No Delays After Concerts

One of the things that most fans don’t consider is the post-concert delay. It’s pretty common to see cars stuck in the venue parking lot for up to a half-hour after the event ends. However, you can be out of the parking lot and back on the road before most other people with a concert limousine service. 

So whether you are heading straight home or you plan to enjoy the rest of the night in the town, your limo driver will make sure you arrive at your next destination faster than most people in the concert. 

Concert Limousine Services Ensure A Memorable Experience

It’s not often that we are excited about a concert. In one recent study, it was found that only 35 percent of Americans attended a concert in 2018. However, that number is up by two from 2017, and around 52 percent of Americans attend a live event of some sort each year, which means concerts are still a relatively rare experience. 

Concert Limousine Services Ensure A Memorable Experience - party bus rentals for concerts - Light House Party Bus Limo

So if you are going to fork out money on tickets to a show with a group of friends, then why not make sure it’s a night to remember? Well, hiring a party bus or limousine service for the concert can help you make better memories without having to cost much more than you’d otherwise spend. 

Onboard Party

When you hire a concert limousine service, the party doesn’t start at the venue. Instead, the party begins at the limo. Once everyone is on board, you can start popping some Champaign, throw on your favorite band’s biggest hits, and let the fun times begin! 

All you need to worry about is whether or not you have the proper refreshments on board. And if you choose a top-tier concert limo service, then they will make sure to provide you with good refreshments and a state-of-the-art sound system; your worries are nonexistent.

You’ll Feel Like A Superstar

There is no rule stating that only rockstars get to travel in limos. However, since you are paying for the show, we believe that you, too, deserve special treatment. Now, even though you aren’t the person throwing this live event, there is no reason for you not to rejoice in the lavish luxury of a stretch limo. 

There is nothing better than the experience of sipping your favorite bubbly with your best friends in the back of a limousine. Why not live like a rockstar for at least one night in your life? Why not enjoy a smooth, worry-free ride in a vehicle that will captivate everyone else?

Makes It Easier To Travel With Friends

Now, if you are going to a concert with a large group of friends, then a limo or a party bus makes the most sense when it comes to transportation. There is no point in driving multiple cars to the venue when you can all pile into a single luxurious limo. To be fair, it’s usually the cheaper option to chip in on a limo service than to spend money on gas for each car. Besides, there are other advantages to traveling in a single vehicle as a large group. Here are some of them:

  • You can all arrive at the same time.
  • You don’t have to find multiple parking spots.
  • You won’t be separated from one another before or after the concert.
  • You don’t have to appoint multiple designated drivers.
  • You can all leave at the same time once the show is over.

Now, along with all the advantages and savings, it’s much more fun when you travel as a group. There’s no point in attending a concert as a group if you won’t enjoy one another’s company on the way there. 

Safe When Traveling 

Comfort and efficiency aren’t the only things to consider when hiring a concert limousine service. Safety is a big part of it as well. It’s pretty apparent that having a professional driver bring you home or to your destination is better than you driving yourself to and from the concert. 

Limousines are large cars driven by professional chauffeurs, which is generally a safer option than using a regular car. When you drive yourself, you introduce many factors that can go awry. Here are some safety reasons why you should hire a party bus or a limousine service for concerts:

  • Your chauffeur won’t be driving under the influence.
  • Your limo company has superior insurance.
  • Your driver is trained to navigate the limo or party bus under any circumstance.

The best part is that you won’t be forced to find a designated driver with a concert limousine service, nor would you have to operate your car under the influence. Remember, more than 10000 people die in traffic accidents related to drunk driving each year. So why take the risk? 

Choose The Best Concert Limousine Service

So there you go, that’s why you should hire a party bus & limo service for concerts. As you can see, it simply makes more sense to hire concert limo services or party bus rentals than going in your cars. It’s more practical and safe, and not to mention it ensures you are free to enjoy as much as you want without having to worry about how to go on from there. 
So if you need concert limousine service, then feel free to get in touch. Also, if you have any questions regarding our party bus rentals or concert limos or about any of our other services, then drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all for you. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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